The Tallious Family

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The Tallious Family Empty The Tallious Family

Post by Chaos on Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:45 am

Its a family of "Taillous"

One of the many creatures surrounding the 72dpi kingdom.

These creatures do have tails, and they come in 4 colors.

Orange ones are fast and sneaky, purple are smart and high jumpers,

red are small and destructive, while green is just chill. Being the same species, they are all very similar, the creatures have amazing and exotic coats of fur on their bodies.

This makes them a target for Breathers. Large packs of breathers hunt these animals for food, but these little guys are smart,

outwitting them sometimes.

The Tallious Family Chaos2qg1

From left to right, it's NiGHTS, Chaos, Flame, and Lime.

-NiGHTS is purple, but for soem reason he killed his brain cells playing Kirby. He loves to scarf down food for some reason, sometimes eating someone else's. He never works much. Chicken is awesome to him. He and Chaos are born of the same roots. He

-Chaos is the orange one. He likes eating cherry pie, playing video games, and reading action comics. His favorite show is Squirrel Boy for some reason, because watching stupid TV characters is fun to him. He sometimes wears a red baseball cap. He can curl into a ball for offense and defense, and has good sense of smell and good traction.

-Flame, the red one, was taken in by the family since he had nowhere to go. Occassianally he gets into trouble. He and NiGHTS get along really well. He plays pranks on some people like buckets on doors, glue on chairs, and just plain tripping them. He breaks alot of things. His favorite food is jaw breakers. He is strong when angry.

-Lime, the green one, and a cousin of Chaos and NiGHTS, is a laid-back one. He mainly likes to chill and lounge around, and his favorite food is vanilla anything. He and Chaos get to be good pals, because they like alot of the same things. He wears shades most of the time, even indoors. He never really can be bothered unless you insult his family.


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